They Hate Their Own Blood

Moses chapter 7 records a conversation between Enoch and GOD the Father. Enoch sees GOD weeping and asks why. In verse 33 GOD responds with his reasons, with the last one being the title of this post:

"...they hate their own blood."

I realize that scripture can have meanings on multiple levels. On a basic level GOD could be commenting on the nature of people on this planet to participate in wars. It has been several thousands years of recorded history and we still do not learn the lesson that no one really wins a war. 

Since reading Amberli Peterson's new book about abortion in the Book of Mormon another reason for the flood occurred to me. The idea that GOD could also be referring to mankind's propensity to attempt to avoid accountability and kill unborn children. 

Perhaps the antediluvians were using abortion the way modern people do to avoid having to be responsible for the results of sexual activity. I can think of no better reason for our Heavenly Mother to give our Heavenly Father the go ahead to flood the earth and save only Noah and his family. I am guessing that GOD the Father does not act unilaterally like say, a Mormon church president.

Do we hate our own blood? Not sure how much closer to your own blood you can get than with a possible child you helped create. We could be heading for an extermination event rivaling the great flood. GOD promised Enoch he would not destroy the people of the earth with another flood. That does not preclude Him using other means to rid Mother Earth of people who choose to live in the most selfish manner possible.


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